Friday, December 26, 2008

Dadhi installation

New asterisk install, this time zaptel is replaced by dahdi. The installation is quite simple just download the files from on /usr/src, untar files and run the following:

cd /usr/src/dahdi-linux-
make clean
make install

cd /usr/src/dahdi-tools-
make install
make config

Two files to check /etc/dahdi/system.conf and /etc/dahdi/init.conf. On the fist one change zone to UK.

After this as I am not running any voice hardware you can run:

modprobe dadhi
modprobe dadhi-dummy

And a lsmod | more will show the following output:

Module Size Used by
dahdi_dummy 5224 0
dahdi 186280 1 dahdi_dummy

Dadhi README notes available at:

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