Saturday, May 13, 2006

A new begining

Ok, this blog is a personal sponsor. I am a techie, but not the techie I would like to be. I've been working on IT for the past 5 years. Have I modified commercial (small businness or system gateways) software applications (php, c++, visual basic, .net, java, javascript, shell scripts, perl, vxml an I believe another couple more) on my work? YES I HAVE. Do I consider myself a programmer? NO.

I can read simple code, understand it and change to achieve what I need. But I can't start from scratch, I never was asked to and I am kind of lazy (therefore this page will be my sponsor). I have tried to learn proper software development hundreds of time and I have to say that if I had a response for every "Hello World" that I have done I would still be greeting people.

I love IT, I love when I am a faced a problem and solve it but after work (and I work long hours as I like to see things well done and on my terms so usually take upon other people work) I go back home and just relax watching tv, reading a book and try to stay out of the pc.

My interests are Linux, Java, software development, Asterisk PBX, vxml, voip, databases. I will try to start with linux, java and asterisk and see where they meet - I know you will say from that I can linked them from the begining - but will try to understand each of them and then integrate the others.

How many times I have installed Linux? Lost count, I have installed slackware, red hat, fedora, debian, gentoo, ubuntu several times. After the install I get bored and go back to watch tv (my work laptop has windoze and slackware but don't ask when was the last time I boot lilo on slack).

How many times I have install the java tools ... the same.

How many times I have installed asterisk.... 4/5. I even hosted 4 extensions to talk with friends around the world and we used it ..... for a week until we got bored and switch to normal software.

So this is my new beginning, I will be posting what I do and I will help me see how lazy I am. And force the shame to take me out of bed, couch, dreams and keep working and learn new things.

For info.. what I do? I am a pbx/cti/ivr/pds administrator.

By the way, this is my first blog or thing in the net, I just went to google put blog on the search box and opened the first link. I see that this things has an "Edit Comments" option so therefore I assume people would be able to add comments. So fell free to add anything you like....

Finally although this is going to be mostly focus on techie things I will try to post normal things...

good luck