Sunday, June 24, 2007

Testing Google Docs!

This is a test of google docs direct posting to blogger. It is an nice alternative to the blogpost post manager and google is full of utils to make your net experience more control by them!

So at this moment I am using.

Blogspot... where I publish (not very often) what I do (that means I need to do more).
Must have? Not really, you can use other servers.

Docs. Will become a must very shortly. Word and Excel like formats available on the web? No more loosing files due hard disk failures? No more forgetting the file at home? Sharing it with a team? Great features, a little concern about security (you would not put your company salary here yet) and would like to see a feature like automatic archive (imagine go back to all previous version of the same file).

Picasa. Having see how useful this is. Now you can have a blog and a flog?. I used to have Flirck (just testing on one of my first posts) but was limited on the amount of files per month or size. Let's see if this gives me the freedon (and remains FREE) to upload more files to share with family and friends.

Talk. Ok another hotmail messenger, yahoo messenger, icq, skype client kind of thing and I get lost between them. (I am using skype to test vxml, google talk never, hotmail messenger friends, yahoo meseenger work, icq I lost my account long time ago).
Must have? Not really Keep using your old clients and skype if you want to talk on voip

Calendar. A nice calendar to have on the web, maybe it can be connected to Orkut.
Must have? Yes if you want to get out of outlook calendar. Yahoo has another one but don't use it so much.

Desktop. This is a client install for search on my hd and add some gadgets (calendar) on my desktop (that looks a lot as Windows Vista gadgets.. the previous version had a white background).
Must have? Yes. Looking for files or emails is easier and faster.

Toolbar. Nice to have, just add features to your IE or Firefox.

Gmail. Once you create an account you can activate everything so not used atm but nice. Note that people used to pay for having one of the invitations to gmail when it was still on beta. The 1GB (or more) that provides is great but how many accounts does a person really needs. I wish they could all have pop3 like in the old days.

And that is not all, if you go to the google homepage and choose "more" (on the search bar) you have more things to install. I use a lot maps and images and remember that now google have youtube database of vidoes.

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